We were at the IV. International Congress of Food, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

Aiming to present, share and bring together valuable research from different disciplines on an international common platform, the IV. International Congress of #food, #agriculture and Veterinary Sciences was held between 27-28 May 2022 at Van Yuzuncu Yil University.

@Goksen CAPAR, @Ozlem TASKIN, @Buse UCAR, @Tolga PILEVNELI and @Ertug ERCIN, from our team, participated in the congress as speakers and the topic of “Cross-Border #climate Vulnerabilities of #agrifoodsystems Trade Systems: Turkey- #europe -Africa” was discussed.

You can check the details following the link below:

#europe #climate #agrifoodsystems #food #agriculture

Goksen CaparTolga PilevneliErtug ErcinBrecht D’Haeyer ,Asher LazarusDidem MahsunlarElif Sena UzunpinarEmrah Alkaya, Ph.D.

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