FAO proposed a work program for the food security problem caused by the Russia-Ukraine crisis on April 7

In today’s world, #trade and #foodsecurity are under immense pressure due to #climatechange. However, the resilience of agri-food #supplychain is also an important issue when food security is of concern.

The recent political crisis between #Russia and #Ukraine, World’s leading wheat suppliers, is a good example showing the vulnerability of agrifood supplychains. The food security problem, which was endangered by Covid-19 pandemic, has deepened with this political crisis. Recently FAO proposed a work program for conclusive evidence and investigation of this food safety issue.

With this program, various types of #research will be carried out in the first 50 countries that will be affected as a result of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The #EuropeanUnion will also support inter-policy dialogue on global issues such as ensuring food security and fighting against its deficit.

You can reach the report following the link below:


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