Dutch No Longer Want to Be One of World’s Top Agro Exporters

Recently, Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, Dutch Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy; stated that they aim to reduce the #nitrogenemissions from high #agriculturalproduction in the country as it may become a #climatecrisis. The ministry encourages the farmers to quit their businesses and states that this economic shrinkage will not threaten the #economicrecovery in the country.

Although The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of the agricultural products, they are very determined to lower down their #agriculturalemissions even if it means to lose their export capacity. It is clear that a vision change started to occur in the world’s biggest exporters and importers while combatting the #climatechange.

Can this shift signal a change in the global food trade? Even though the measures taken to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions are promising, their impacts on the #foodsafety and #supplychain vulnerability should be considered.

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Goksen CaparTolga PilevneliErtug ErcinBrecht D’HaeyerDidem MahsunlarElif Sena UzunpinarEmrah Alkaya, Ph.D.

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