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Ankara University Water Management Institute

The project coordinator is Water Management Institute (ENSTITUSU), a leading water and agriculture research institute of Ankara University, Turkey. ENSTITUSU was established in 2010 and aims to carry out research & development as well as graduate level education to provide solutions for water related problems at local, national, and international scale. ENSTITUSU have significant experience in the following subjects:
  • Agricultural water management
  • Climate vulnerability and impact assessments for agriculture sector
  • Research on industrial and urban water management issues
  • Focusing on water reuse and resource recovery
  • Development of policies and strategies for sustainable management


Assoc. Prof.
Gökşen Çapar

Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr.
İlkay Dellal
Tolga Pilevneli, Academic Staff
Özlem Taşkın,
Muhammet Ali Gedikli

GTE Sustainability Consultancy Company (Turkey)
GTE Carbon Sustainability and Energy Consultancy Co., based in Ankara, Turkey, is an engineering and consultancy firm which was established in 2008. GTE has extensive local expertise and interdisciplinary experience in;

  • resource efficiency,
  • climate change mitigation/adaptation,
  • circular economy,
    at the corporate-, industry- and city-levels.


Emrah Alkaya,
Kemal Demirkol,
Ece Akay Demir,


Engin Koç,

FutureWater  – Netherland
FutureWater is a research and consulting organization that works worldwide to combine scientific research with practical solutions for water management. Some of the subjects of the projects are:

  • Irrigation
  • Water excess
  • Water shortage
  • Climate Change
  • River basin management.


Corjan Nolet,
Brecht D’Haeyer,

R2WATER – Netherland
R2Water works with companies, governments, and organizations of all sizes to design sustainable systems. They offer a unique blend of expertise in the following subjects:

  • Water research
  • Policy and management
  • knowledge exchange


Ertuğ Erçin

Team Leader

NRC – Egypt
NRC is the largest multidisciplinary R&D Center in Egypt. They consist of 14 divisions and 108 departments covering the major areas of industry, health, environment, agriculture, basic science and engineering.


Dr. Abdelraouf Ramadan

Greenpower – Egypt
Greenpower is a company focused on and mastered in sustainability. It has been serving its customers for many years with its experience. Some of the topics it has experience with are:

  • Water treatment
  • Solar energy technologies
  • Biogas plants and upgrading

ENAM – Morocco
ENAM is a public establishment of higher agricultural education, rural development, and scientific research located in Meknes. They specialized in training agricultural technical experts and performed agricultural analysis mainly related to economic and social dimensions.

USMS is a regional institute specialized in training and graduate education in economic and social development. USMS, which encourages and invests in its students to participate in international projects, is one of the leading universities in the region.

“This project is part of the programme of the ERA‐NET Cofund FOSC that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 862555”.

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